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Use your computer easily with MultiExtra. create an mp4 video from mp3 or m4a sound and photo so you can upload it on youtube or anything. search on youtube by typing or voice and play the videos without any ads . download many videos from different results on search on youtube. Identify songs by singing or humming like shazam. ddownload videos. audio from more than 2000 websites in the internet. download youtube playlists and channels. you can easily format your large drives to fat 32 so you can boot on windows from them. extract subtitles from any video. and you can choose the language of the subtitle to extract. download apps. language packs. NVDA addons. and operating systems. and more. write by your voice. translate by your voice. listen to the selected text. translate selected text. translate by more than 45languages with many translations such as google. bing. yandex. and more using Voice dictation and translation. extract direct links from many cloud storage such as dropbox. google drive. yandex.disk. and more. are you confusing and you don’t wknow what settings should do after format?. no problem. quick settings for windows is here. you can set 10 or more recommended settings by 1second. test your internet speed, show the system information
you can create a video mp4 by very easy. just open MultiExtra. and choose create a video. select the sound file it must be mp3 or m4a or wav. then you will see 2options.
1. choose a default photo.it will choose a default photo from MultiExtra for you. that photo is a natural and sweet photo
2. choose a photo from computer . in this option you choose a photo from your computer. it must be jpg
and then it will ask you where you want to save the video. choose where you want to save the video. and write it’s name and click on save or press inter. and the video will create
you can search on youtube very easy. without opening web browser and going to youtube website
just open MultiExtra from desktop or press ctrl+alt+s. and choose search on youtube. write what you want to search. and press enter or click on search button
you will see the results just after 2seconds
to play a video. just press enter or press applecations or right click then click on play button
you can also download the video as mp3 or normal mp4 video
for example you see 10results and if you want to show more results. go to the last result and it will shows you more results automaticly without removing the old results all you need is just to press down arrow after you going to the last result and hearing the sound
if you want to download the video move by tab and you will see the download buttons
even when the video is downloading you can browse the results and searching for new video and play and stuff
you can copy the video link. and you can also open the video in the web browser
jestures for control the media when you play the video
Space , Pause / Resume
up arrow , volume up
down arrow , volume down
right arrow, forward
left arrow , backward
to back to search box. press escape
you can add videos to selected videos list so you can download many videos from different results
to select a video from the results. just press ctrl+space. to remove the video from selected videos. press ctrl+space again
to move between the search results and the selected videos. press ctrl+tab
you can download videos and audio from any website contains video or audio like youtube , sound cloud , and much much more
and you can see somethings like media name , media duration , and media description
you can download the video as Mp3
You can download either an entire playlist or channel by just copying the link and opening MediaExtra, as well as you are permitted to download both as MP3
when you download a playlist as videos or mp3 it will create a folder by it’s name and put the videos in that folder
and when you download a channel. it will create a folder by channel name and in that folder it will also create a folders for each playlist and put the videos there
this feature works in mp3 as well
There are minor progress bar sounds indicating the beginning and the end of the download, most importantly, an alarm alerting when the file is in conversion mode.
during the download. you can choose what do you want the computer to do after the download. there are 3options
nothing. it won’t do anything just MultiExtra will close after download finish
open download folder. it will open the download folder after the download finish
if you download as mp3. it will brings you to mp3 in MultiExtraDownloads/Media
and if you download as videos. it will brings you to videos folder in MultiExtraDownloads/Videos
you can copy download links of the media
you can play the media from media extra , just click on play and it will open the media player window
if you see an article or post contains media from youtube or other , you don’t need to copy the media link , just copy the post or the article link and it will get the media link automaticly
you can download apps. games. operating systems. and language packs easily everything in latest version and the versions are updating automaticly
how to use
to download media. simply copy youtube link or any website contains media. and open MultiExtra. you can also open it by pressing ctrl+alt+s. and choose Download Media
it will analyze the link automaticly. and if everything ok. the user interface will show and you can see the download buttons
to download apps. and games and operating systems . open MultiExtra and choose download apps. games. and operating system and you will see the userinterface and you can press alt to browse menus and sections after you choose download apps. games and operating systems
voice dictation and translation
this feature let’s you translate by writing. translate by your voice. and write by your voice as well
for example you say hola como estas in spanish. it will translate in english directly
you can set it to detect keyboard language. or you can set languages manually
ctrl+windows+alt+d. open QTranslate from MultiExtra. because QTranslate has many great features. so i merged it with MultiExtra
ctrl+windows+alt+f. open the voice dictation and translation settings
ctrl+alt+win+g. when you write by voice. it will translate to other language you choosed from settings
ctrl+windows+alt+h. voice dictation
ctrl+windows+alt+1. replace the selected text to translated text
ctrl+windows+alt+2. listen to selected text
ctrl+windows+alt+3. translate the clipboard text in main window
ctrl+windows+alt+4. listen to select text with translation
ctrl+windows+alt+r. restart the voice dictation and translation. it could be useful if this feature stopped responding
ctrl+windows+alt+e. exit and close the voice dictation and translation
quick settings for windows
we know many people don’t know what recommended settings they should set after format or in anytime. so here the quick settings for windows is the solution. it can set 10 or more settings just in 1second. and the settings are:
1. enable high contrast
2. disable secure desktop
3. show file extentions
4. disable background apps
5. make windows+e to open this pc. not quick access
6. disable quick access
7. show desktop icons
8. enable High performance power plan. so you can use computer so fast
9. make num 0 as applecations key. it’s useful for who have a computer without an applications key
10. set control panel as large icons. so you can see all items
create direct links
here you can create a direct links so quickly from many websites such as dropbox. 1drive. yandex.disk. and high drive. and more
just paste the url. and press enter. and it will generate a direct link for you just in 0.1second
system information
here you can see the all system information like computer model. hard disk. bios and much much more
Multi extra will start in your current windows language , currently it supports arabic, english, spanish. turkish. french. romanian. and italian
if your windows in other language , it will start’s in english
there is an option to change language so you can change the MultiExtra language
what’s new in MultiExtra. version 4.8
what’s new in MultiExtra. 6.1
1. fixed a lot of bugs and problems
2. now you will be able to format large drives to fat 32 easily
the Default download folder is MultiExtra downloads in downloads folder. in there you can see 2folders. apps and media
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download Multi Extra v6.0

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